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When will all this End??

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A convicted rapist who fathered two children by a girl he kidnapped when she was 11 has claimed his life is 'the most powerful heart-warming story'.

Phillip Garrido, who abducted Jaycee Lee Dugard in 1991 and kept her hidden in his backyard as a sex slave, admitted his behaviour was at first 'disgusting'.

But in a bizarre, rambling phone interview from inside a Californian prison, he claims his life completely changed when she had the first of their two children.

The 58-year-old boasted 'wait until you hear the story of what took place at this house' and insisted the world would be amazed by his rehabilitation.

The discovery of Miss Dugard after almost two decades has stunned America as further details emerged today of her incredible ordeal.

Snatched on her way to school 18 years ago, she had two daughters by Garrido - one when she was just 14 and the second four years later.

Police said the three had been living in sheds and tents hidden at the back of the his home in Antioch, near San Francisco, 170 miles from where she was abducted.
Phillip Garrrido

Phillip Garrido is charged with kidnap, rape, conspiracy and committing lewd acts with a minor

Miss Dugard, now 29, was renamed Allissa by her captors. Her children were born on the property and had never been to school or seen a doctor.

He claimed to be "Born Again"

His claim that he turned his life around is thought to be a reference to his born-again Christianity.

People who knew him said he had become increasingly fanatical about his religious beliefs in recent years, sometimes breaking out into song and claiming that God spoke to him through a box.

He ran a church called God's Desire from the house and is said to have conducted religious revival ceremonies in a tent in the grounds of his home, which had bars on the windows.

A web blog apparently written by Garrido includes bizarre religious ramblings.

One post says: ‘The Creator has given me the ability to speak in the tongue of angels in order to provide a wake up call that will in time include the salvation of the entire world.’

He claimed he had hired a private investigator to verify his ability to speak to people using only his mind.

An 'affidavit' said he could 'control sound with my mind and have developed a device for others to witness this phenomena'

Where she lived while in captivity

Miss Dugard, now 29, spent part of her time as Garrido's hostage locked in a tiny 10ft by 10ft shed hidden in a secret compound at the back of his home.

The shabby outhouse was soundproofed so neighbours would not hear her and could only be opened from the outside.

She later shared the room, another shed and two small tents, with her two daughters. Power was provided by leads from the house's electricity supply and there was a 'rudimentary' shower and toilet

How Jaycee Dugard was freed:

Miss Dugard was eventually freed after Garrido aroused the suspicions of guards as he tried to give out religious leaflets to students on the Berkeley campus of the University of California.

A campus policeman checked his record and discovered he was a listed sex offender and on parole after serving a jail sentence for a vicious rape and kidnapping in Nevada in 1971.

State police were called and ordered Garrido to check in at his parole office. He arrived there with his wife, 'Allissa' and the two children.

The parole officer was immediately wary because he had never seen the younger woman and the two girls on visits to Garrido's home.

He called police who began questioning Allissa and discovered she was really Miss Dugard.

This case is similar to that of ELISABETH FRITZL who was 18 when her father Josef Fritzl drugged her with ether imprisoned her in the cellar warren he had built beneath the family home in Amstetten, two hours from Vienna. For 24 years she was raped and assaulted and had seven children through incest.

Three of the children had been imprisoned along with their mother underground for their whole lives before their release last year. Fritzl was jailed for life in March this year after being convicted of murder, rape, enslavement and incest.

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